Our Story

Fullerton ACT (Fullerton Advocating Community Transformation) starts with Solidarity. Solidarity is a community of Christ followers who in the words of Kevin Doi (Pastor of Epic Church), “Is the greatest thing happening in Fullerton.” Solidarity as a community decided to love a couple of communities in Fullerton, that have been forgotten and marginalized. They learned to live incarnationally, moving into the neighborhood (John 1:14) listening and paying attention to what God was already doing. They were missionaries here in our city limit following the lead and command that Jesus put forth. (John 20:21). A couple of pastors recognized that God was doing some amazing things too and they began to learn from and partner with Solidarity. Starting with mission, the pastors of these churches became friends and were loving Fullerton in unity which was beginning to produce some great fruit.

In 2010 Fullerton ACT was started to partner with God, congregations, and the city. Our first collaboration was SOLFUL, (Summer of Love Fullerton) a summer school program in 3 neighborhoods impacting 500 children. 13 collaborating churches revealed God’s love through over 150 volunteers. SOLFUL started because the communities asked for help in the summer as funding for summer school was not available. After one year, the school district invited ACT onto their campuses and last year we added a fourth school. Our desire is to be in every Title 1 school in Fullerton.

Over the past 6 years our collaboration has grown. Our city, school districts, and non-profits are trusting us more and more. Education was our first initiative but starting in 2013 Fullerton had the opportunity for a year round homeless shelter. Our churches banded together and encouraged our city council and others to make the shelter a reality. That didn’t happen but we are partnering with our non-profits, our city, and our police department to help transform and holistically care for our neighbors who are homeless.

Fullerton ACT is simply churches partnering together and with God as he seeks to reconcile His creation to himself.